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The membership of the BAAC is open to any interested individual, institution or corporation within the geographical regions mentioned.

Individual Members:


Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia)
zane.grosa (at) lnb.lv                                                                                                                        zane (at) baacouncil.org

Vice President
Juozas Markauskas (Dizi, Lithuania)
juozas (at) baacouncil.org

Vice President
Maarja Savan (Estonian Literary Museum)
maarja.savan (at) gmail.com

Secretary - Treasurer
Annika Räim (Estonian Art Museum)
annika.raim(at) gmail.com

Board Member
Andris Ķesteris (Honorary member, Library and Archives Canada)
akestr0542(at) rogers.com

Board Member
Tedd Urnes (Honorary member, Teddview Audiovisual Archival Management (TAAM))
teddview (at) getmail.no

Board Member

Reinis Grīgs (Latvia State archive for Audiovisual documents)
Grigs (at) arhivs.apollo.lv

Board Member
Jonas Korys (Lithuanian National Radio and Television)
rstudija (at) lrt.lt

Board Member
Pekka Gronow (Finland)
phtgronow (at) gmail.com

Board Member
Lasse Nilsson (Nederhult Konst & Konsult, Sweden)
lassenederhult (at) hotmail.com 


  • Anna Avrameca (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy Of Music)
  • Maira Dudareva (Latvian Museum of Photography)
  • Rima Grašienė (Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema museum)
  • Eila Haikarainen (YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company)
  • Darren Ingram (Curator, Music Library Finland)
  • David Jacobs (Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, USA)
  • Gunnel Jönsson (Swedish Radio, IASA)
  • Gatis Karlsons (Latvian State Archives)
  • Marcus Kolga (Realworld Pictures/Global Virtual Museum on Communism)
  • Per Ake Krook (Swedish Television)
  • Elena Brodie Kusa (Archival consultant, New York)
  • Tarja Lehtinen (The National Library of Finland)
  • Gunilla Mellgren (Memnosn/SRF, Sweden)
  • Helga Merits (journalist, filmmaker, Netherlands)
  • Lelde Neimane (Occupation Museum of Latvia)
  • Lasse Nilsson (Nederhult Konst & Konsult)
  • Piret Noorhani (Estonian National Museum), audit panel member
  • Linda Pleša (National Archives of Latvia)
  • Kristīne Pabērza (State Agency Culture Information Systems)
  • Vahur Puik (Tallinn University)
  • Aldis Pūtelis (Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Latvia)
  • Jolė Stimbirytė (Lithuanian Central State Archive), audit panel member
  • Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archive), audit panel member
  • Eha Väinsalu (Estonian Television)
  • Eglė Vidutytė (Vilnius University)
  • Inga Vilcāne (Rīga City Council's Education, Culture and Sports Department)

Institutional Members:

  • Estonian Public Broadcasting Corporation
  • Estonian Literary Museum
  • Estonian National Museum
  • Estonian Art Museum (AME Digital Archive)
  • National Polish Audiovisual Institute
  • Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Occupation Museum Association of Latvia
  • Swedish Television
  • Tartu University Library
  • The National Archives of Latvia
  • The National Library of Finland
  • Yleisradio (YLE, Finland)
  • Wiseman Interactiv OÜ (Estonia)

Honorary Members:

  • Lars-Gunnar Bengtsson
  • Andris Ķesteris
  • Lasse Nilsson
  • Tedd Urnes

Supporting member:

FIAT/IFTA (International Federation of Television Archives)



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