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Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council
Annual Report 2010/2011



Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council is an independent non-profit organization, founded as a voluntary association of juridical and natural persons, with a goal to foster cooperation between public and private archives, broadcasting and TV archives, libraries and museums that possess collections of audiovisual materials about the Baltic States, Scandinavian countries and the worldwide Baltic diaspora. The Council commits itself to reviewing and assuring the maintenance of these historically valuable collections.

BAAC has been working on the specific objects of the organization which are as follows: provide a regular means of exchanging information, ideas and assistance; encourage public awareness and interest in the preservation and use of moving images as an important educational, historical, and cultural resource; support the educational and professional development of moving image archivists, librarians and documentalists; stimulate and facilitate research on archival matters affecting moving images; conduct regional seminars, conferences and workshops.

1. Activities (seminars, meetings, other).

BAAC Council and ICCROM “SOIMA 2011“ planning Meeting on June 28 -29, 2010, Riga.
BAAC members: Juozas Markauskas (Dizi Heritage, BAAC, Lithuania), Aldis Pūtelis (Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Latvia), Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia),
Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archives), Gatis Karlsons (Latvian State Archives), Reinis Grigs (Latvian Audiovisual Archives), non-members: Aparna Tandon (ICCROM, Italy), Liga Krumina (University of Latvia), Dagnija Baltina (UNESCO, Latvia), Baiba Holma (University of Latvia), Andris Vilks (National Library of Latvia, UNESCO).
 Meeting was organized at Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art (DAY 1, Akademijas laukums 1) and University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Science, Department of Information and Library studies (DAY 2, Lomonosova street 1A)
It was initial meeting for SOIMA 2011 course. During the meeting all partner institutions and available collections there identified and presented. Participants of the meeting discussed focus of the course, organizational procedures, input and role of each partner, defined action plan and drafted Memorandum of Understanding. It was agreed that BAAC members will be paying registration fee only. Visit to Latvian Audiovisual Archives and Institute of Folklore Literature and Art were arranged. Idea of organizing such course in the region was supported by Latvian UNESCO commission. 

Board meeting No. 12 on October 3, 2010 at the hotel “Radi un Draugi”, Marstalu str. 1/3, Riga.
Board members: Juozas Markauskas (DIZI Heritage, Lithuania), Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia), Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Film Archive), Merilis Roosalu (Estonian History Museum), Tedd Urnes (TAAM, Norway), Jonas Korys (Lithuanian National Radio & Television), Andris Kesteris (Libraries & Archives Canada), Reinis Grigs (Latvian State Archive of Audiovisual documents).

BAAC Audit Panel Members: Piret Noorhani (Estonian National Museum, Estonia), Eha Väinsalu (Estonian National Broadcaster).

Co-opted members: Gatis Karlsons (Latvian Society of Archivists)

Pekka Gronow (Artiemusic, Finland).

Merilis Roosalu

BAAC Annual Conference “Back to analogue: preserving audiovisual resources for digitisation and posterity”, October 3-5, 2010, Riga.
The conference was organized by the Baltic Audiovisual Archival Council (BAAC), Latvian State Audiovisual Archives, Directorate General of the Latvian State Archives, the National Library of Latvia and took place at the Latvian Academic Library, Rupniecibas iela 10, Riga. The event was supported by BAAC, Directorate General of the Latvian State Archives, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Latvia, Embassy of Canada to Latvia.

Attendance: 40 registered participants from 10 countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia,  Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland, Canada, Great Britain and Iceland). 16 presentations. Visits to Latvian State Audiovisual Archives, Latvian radio and Sound Recording Library of the Music Academy were organized.

BAAC general meeting on October 5, 2010 at the Latvian Academic Library, Rupniecibas  iela. 10, Riga

21   individual members: Ivi Tomingas (board member, Estonia), Tedd Urnes (board member, Norway), Andris Ķesteris (board member, Canada), Inga Vilcane (Latvia), Jolė Stimbirytė (Lithuania), Gunilla Mellgren (Sweden), Eve Krillo (Estonia), Eha Väinsalu (Estonia), Merilis Roosalu (board member, Estonia), Zane Grosa (board member, Latvia), Zane Grosa, by proxy of Juozas Markauskas (board member, Lithuania), Zane Grosa, by proxy of David Jacobs (USA), Zane Grosa, by proxy of Eero Kangor (Estonia), Zane Grosa, by proxy of Egle Vidutyte (Lithuania), Piret Noorhani (Estonia), Piret Noorhani, by proxy of Gunnel Jonsson (Sweden), Piret Noorhani, by proxy of Maarja Savan (Estonia), Lelde Neimane (Latvia), Aldis Pūtelis (Latvia), Gatis Karlsons (Latvia), Reinis Grīgs (board member, Latvia).

3 institutional members: Estonian Literary Museum (Represented by Piret Noorhani), Wiseman Interactive (represented by Henri Laupmaa), Estonian Broadcasting Company (represented by Eha Väinsalu),

Zane Grosa presented the BAAC Annual Report of 2009/2010.

Ivi Tomingas gave the Fiscal Statement.

Piret Noorhani (Audit Panel Chair) presents the report of the audit panel (Eha Väinsalu).

For the Audit Panel of three members: Eha Väinsalu, Gatis Karlsons and Piret Noorhani (Panel Chair) were proposed and elected unanimously.

2010/2011 BAAC activity plan was discussed.

It was agreed to organized SOIMA 2011 course (training for audiovisual archivists) in Riga and Vilnius.

BAAC and ICCROM meeting on February 18, 2011 at the ICCROM, Via di San Michele 13, Rome.
BAAC Board members: Juozas Markauskas (President, Dizi, Lithuania). Non-members: Isabelle de Brisis (ICCROM), Aparna Tandon (ICCROM).
During the meeting SOIMA2011 course orgainzation calendar was designed. Fund raising topic discussed and first applications for registration were rewieved.

SOIMA 2011 Course design meeting on March 16-18, 2011 at Lithuanian Central state archives, O. Milašiaus str. 21, Vilnius.

BAAC members: Juozas Markauskas (DIZI Heritage, Lithuania), Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia), Reinis Grigs (Latvian State Audiovisual Archive), Gatis Karlsons (Latvian State Archives), Aldis Pūtelis (Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art, Latvia), Jolė Stimbirytė (Lithuanian central State Archive). Non-members: Valerija Jusevičiūtė (Lithuanian central State Archive), Aparna Tandon (ICCROM, Italy), Samuel Franco (Research Center and Museum of Maya Music, ICOM, Guatemala), Kara Van Malssen (NY University, US).
Selection of applications and course schedule were main topics of the meeting agenda.

2. Members.

BAAC currently has 31 individual members: Andris Ķesteris (lifetime member, Library and Archives Canada), Tedd Urnes (lifetime member, Teddview Audiovisual Archival Management, Norway), Inga Vilcāne (Ernst & Young Baltic, SIA, Latvia), Kristīne Pabērza (State Archives Unified Information System, Latvia), Juozas Markauskas (Dizi, Lithuania), Reet Harkmaa and Eha Väinsalu (Estonian National Broadcasting Corporation), Ivi Tomingas (Estonian Filmarchives),  Piret Noorhani (Estonian National Museum), Maarja Savan (Estonian Literary Museum), Lars-Gunnar Bengtsson, Lasse Nilsson and Per Ake Krook (Swedish Television), Gunnel Jönsson (Swedish Radio), David Jacobs (Hoover Institution Archives, Stanford University, USA), Maira Dudareva (Newspaper Diena, Latvia), Aldis Pūtelis (University of Latvia), Eila Haikarainen (Yleisradio OY, Finland), Eero Kangor (Tartu University, Estonia), Jonas Korys (Lithuanian Radio and Television), Lelde Neimane (Occupation Museum of Latvia), Helga Merits (journalist, filmmaker, Netherlands), Marcus Kolga (Realworld Pictures/Global Virtual Museum on Communism), Merilis Sähka (Estonian History Museum), Zane Grosa (National Library of Latvia), Gatis Karlsons (Latvian Society of Archivists, Latvian state archives), Vahur Puik (Tallinn University), Reinis Grīgs (Latvia State Archive for Audiovisual Documents), Gunilla Mellgren (Memnon/SRF), Jolė Stimbirytė (Lithuanian Central State Archive), Eglė Vidutytė (Vilnius University).

BAAC has 10 institutional members: Swedish Television, (Stockholm, Sweden), Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Estonian Literary Museum, Yleisradio OY (Finland),  Occupation Museum Association of Latvia, Estonian National Broadcasting Corporation, Kumu Art Museum (Estonia), Tartu University Library (Estonia), Wiseman Interactiv OÜ (Estonia), Estonian National Museum.

BAAC also has one supporting member: International Federation of Television Archives (FIAT/IFTA).

BAAC board members work without pay. Their work is a voluntary contribution to the development of the organization and meeting of its main goals.

3. Objectives for the year 2011/2012.

The main aims for the next year are as follows: conduct an annual conference (Riga Seminar) and local seminars and workshops; launch projects to help foster the education and training of archivists; provide a regular means of exchanging information, ideas and assistance (including the development of the BAAC webpage www.baacouncil.org); foster cooperation among broadcast archives; seek financial support and project grants for carrying out the planned events.

Juozas Markauskas, President  


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